podcast-logo.jpgA podcast is said to be any digital media that is recorded and uploaded and put into a feed. Podcasts began in early 2004 with MP3 players and Ipods. People questioned what they were to be called Audioblogging, Podcastin,  or even GuerillaMedia. Hammersley explained it was the start of something new in between “audioblogging and podcasting.” According to the article, “History of Podcasting,” “The term “podcast” is derived from the media player, “iPod”, developed by Apple, and the term “broadcast”, the traditional means of receiving information and leisure content on the radio or television. When the two words were merged, the terms podcast, podcaster, and the art of podcasting were born.”

The biggest advantage of this was the portableness of it being able to listen to what you want where you want it. While Hammersley did not discuss syndication, it is seen as the most important part of podcasting.  There are many benefits to postcasting including web syndication which is everything directly to the computer, an automatic process.

Podcasts are still relatively new and their popularity was driven with their availability on Itunes. While I am not a big podcast user, my aunt loves to listen to them while in the car. While she uses the audio only ones, it is a great time for her to catch up on her favorite shows, news, or books. One of the podcasts that did peak my attention was Gilmore Guys. I am a huge fan of the television show Gilmore girls.

The podcast was conducted by two guys “Porter, an editor, is a longtime fan of the show and Adjuyigbe, a writer for NBC’s The Good Place, had never seen a single episode prior to starting the podcast. Porter has always loved podcasts as a medium and decided that the original run of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix in late 2014 provided the right hook to create his own show.”

Once the podcast began to grow and a revival of the popular show was set to take netflix, the podcast really began to take off. They signed an agent, began gathering advertisers and had guests on the show. While I did not follow every podcast of this show, I was intrigued watching these men discuss my favorite television show Gilmore Girls.