Being in Dublin for St Patricks Day was easily one of the coolest things I could ever have experienced. While most of the weekend was spent at the bars around the hotel, we did a little exploring and took a bus to the Cliffs of Moher. Unfortunately, this is not what it looked like when we were there. 17264425_1435188269864998_8717540568594301805_n.jpg

It was very foggy, windy, and rainy and sadly instead of a beautiful view I got a nice white background.


The food during this trip was not very adventurous in which we had bagels and salads along with lots of beer.


I decided I was tired from all the traveling and I needed a weekend in Barcelona. While most of my friends were away, I had a great time. I laid on the beach, got delicious donuts, sushi, and hummus and treated myself to a spa day. O am I going to miss Barcelona.


I went to Madrid with CEA and had a great experience. Taking a train was a great experience, especially because I did not miss the first on this time around. CEA offered 17630024_1449970385053453_5129257368888238393_nthe perfect amount of planned optional actives and ability to explore the city on our own with a central hotel. We started the weekend with a very cute restaurant where we ate downstairs which was filled with sand. The food was delicious ranging from eggs, to salads, to hummus and the atmosphere was amazing.

After filling our stomachs we went to a beautiful garden. Unlike Dublin, we had beautiful weather so we spent a good portion of our day in the garden. After a little shopping and some gelato we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Since we were still in Spain we decided to go for tapas which is always a good idea. I am still getting use to eating at 10 p.m. so by the time dinner was over we were exhausted.

The next day was my favorite part of Madrid. We spend the day in the park in the boats. It was beautiful and definitely a great picture opportunity.

We also did a tour of the palace. I hope one day I have a palace like that!

We ate at a great restaurant and then got ready for a big night at Kapital. The club was 17522658_1449972328386592_261989818240551777_namazing and unlike anything I had seen before. While I did not find the pizza, I did make
it to every floor. The best part of the night was when I went on stage. While I got kicked off quickly, I was up there longer than I expected and it was a great end to the weekend. We took a train back and let me tell you it is very nice to take a train after flying so many weekend.


Spring break (Ibiza, Croatia, Amalfi Coast) :

I never thought spring break would come.  We definitely were late to plan this trip, but overall it turned out amazing. We started in Ibiza in which my friend from home flew in from America for the week to come and my friend studying in Manchester came. It was nice having a little bit of home in Ibiza. The weekend was fun, we saw a beautiful villa and took a nap on a perfect beach. We did not explore the food very much and even though we were in bathing suits had both pizza and Chinese food.

We flew back through Barcelona to Dubrovnik. This turned out to be one of my favorite places all of abroad. We stayed at a beautiful hotel and went to an amazing restaurant in which we had to take a cable car up to the table. We ate at the perfect time and saw the most stunning sunset I had ever seen.

We did not have a lot of time the next day because we were taking a bus to Split, but spend half the day laying by the pool and the other half exploring the old town. We ate 17952687_1462623227121502_7704402537288419593_n.jpglunch with a table overlooking the water where they gave us blankets while we ate so we were not cold. While it was still not hot out, it was perfect weather. After a great day exploring the city we headed on a bus to Split.



I wish we had more time in Dubrovnik but was excited for the rest of the trip. In Split we stayed in an unbelievable villa with the nicest landlord. He not only picked us up from the bus station, but also cooked us dinner. It was definitely worth the 4 hour bus ride. We took a private boat tour to multiple islands. Even though it was chilly on the boat and too cold to go snorkling the islands were sick. We saw blue caves and even had a run in with a donkey! It was great.

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We then headed to the National Park. It was still too cold to go in the water, but the waterfall was breath taking.  I would highly recommend it to everyone who goes. It was strange how little people eat in Croatia. We had a hard time finding restaurants and our landlord told us he usually only eats one meal a day. Maybe it is my growling stomach talking, but this is absurd. If I do not get my three square meals a day with a few snacks in there I get very cranky. Our land lord recommended his friends restaurant where I got a steak. While it was good it took a very long time.

After a basically perfect weekend and deciding I want my honeymoon in Croatia  we headed to the Amalfi Coast with Bus2Alps. We flew into Rome and that night took a bus to Sorento. Probably a blessing in disguise for my weight, but it was the Jewish holiday Passover while I was in Italy. During this time, you cannot eat any sort of bread or yeast for 8 days which meant no pizza, pasta, or bread. It was definitely not easy. My friend and I went to the Jewish Quarter in Rome where we could get matzah and escape temptations for a few hours. Even the matzah in Rome tastes better!

While I wish the weather was a little better while in Amalfi, we saw the ruins of Pompe, laid on the beach in Positano and even went to the blue caves in Capri. I definitely want to go back later in life.

Other than a little more sunshine, I could not have asked for a more perfect spring break.