Well as I continued my Eurotrip, I also continued to eat. After a great trip with my mom to Paris, it was abroadest which meant my friends from all over the world, including the ones still in America or in Israel came to visit. This meant showing them around the best places in Barcelona from Park Guell to just exploring Barcelona beaches.

16997698_1419560738094418_2415649751719931130_n.jpgOf course the whole trip was not just about eating, but it definitely was a main part. When my friends arrived of course the first thing they wanted to do was eat so we went to brunch at Milk.  After exploring the Gothic Quarter and other parts of the city the rest of the group arrived and we went to a nice dinner of about 20 people of traditional Spanish tapas and lots of Sangria.


The next day we walked along the beach where I saw some of the most talent sand castles ever. How they made the castle light on fire and have flowing water amazes me. 17098524_1419561194761039_89906018094134708_n


Since I am from Florida it still was not beach weather, it was still a great day walking along the beach with my friends. After working up an appetite we went to the picture perfect, Brunch and Cake  where they insisted on trying just about everything on the menu.

I took them to Happy Pills, CDCL, and even Rosa Negra. They got the full Barcelona food experience. My friend who is not studying abroad told me he gained a full 15 pounds in one week and doesn’t know how I do it, and to be honest I don’t either. Overall it was a great weekend and I think they fell in love with the city just as much as I have.



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17426397_1435179073199251_4017288037025465506_nThe next weekend my friend Katy and I decided to “honeymoon.” The two of us took a trip to Tarragona and Valencia.  Since neither of us had done much traveling within Spain we thought these would be perfect places to go. We took a train to Tarragona, in which we missed our first train. Once we finally got there it was a great time. We had a 17426354_1435179086532583_6197354855726195866_ndelicious meal of pasta and explored the beautiful city filled with ruins and a beach. It was not very big, it reminded us of a smaller version of Barcelona.


We then to took another train to Valencia. My friend is studying abroad there so she gave me a list of things I needed to do, which was very helpful. We spent the day as two year olds. We went to a science museum which was great and I would highly recommend it. It had fun actives such as face swapping or a space simulator. We then continued to pretend we were 5 years old and played in blow up balls in the water. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done.


17353302_1435178989865926_2064194681125906173_nOf course this post is about the food though. Since we have had plenty of Spanish food, we found a cute diner where we got American food followed by a chocolate sandwich. Who knew chocolate bread existed? It was incredible and definitely was the highlight of my weekend.