3d752a3.jpgAna Lopez is an extremely interesting speaker. Her background is as follows, she studied journalism and later cultural anthropology. She worked for three years as a journlist before going into the public relations field. She began her career at the CCCB the cultural center, but then starting working with traditional PR, especially with Estrella Dam


archivo2344.jpgAs discussed in class, Estrella Damm is the 1st brewery in Catalonia and third in Spain. When deciding how to market this beer, the focus was on moments and the ways of life.

Since there are so many different types of beer in the world, marketing for it is key. Ana Lopez revolutionized this company with its marketing. In 2009, she launched the first big digital advertising for Estrella Damn. Estrella Damm 2009 was a 3 minute music video of a Swedish group that reached over 2,500,000 views. This song became the most downloaded song of the summer and brand awareness skyrocketing. This is when her work really began.

In today’s day and age with the vast presence of social media, is hard to imagine a company that does not have a social msocial-mediaedia site,  but in 2009 Estreal did not have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the other main accounts. Ana changed this all. She built the brand from the ground up and what started as a music video of a random group became a world wide sensation. 2015 is when the next big video was launched.

Estrealla Damm 2015  This video was a 10 minute short film with famous actress Dakota Johnson. This video had over 6,500,000 views and brand awareness skyrocketed.

Ana Lopez took a brand with no social media sites or presence and transformed it. This is amazing and extremely interesting. In today’s age it is hard to find a place, brand, or person without at least one social media accounts. These sites are an excellent way to reach multiple consumers or communication with other people. One Estrella video on Youtube reached over 6,500,000 views. The world is completely connected.
6837230562_579478fbfe_kThe presence of social media sites has allowed the world to be so much more connected. When my mom came to visit me in Barcelona, she was amazed by this. She had not been to Europe since graduating college and noticed how much had changed. The biggest change, ironically, is how similar everything is in the United States. From the same shopping stores such as Zara to a familiar McDonalds, the use of technology has allowed for the world to stay connected and as one world together. This is why it is so important for brands such as Estrella Damm to have these accounts. Ana Lopez may be focused mostly on Spain, but she is still marketing for the entire world.

Ana Lopez also discussed some popular people with large social media precense such as Carolina Ferrer or Gvtarra. These people completely depend and rely on social media sites in order to spread their product. Social media is a revolutionary form of communication and advertising. It is important to use these items in proper ways from posting Instagrams of the product to diligently answering customers on twitter. Ana Lopez really transformed the marketing campaign of the beer and it definitely was for the better! With a good message, a decent product, and a excellent social media team, anything can be the next big thing.