As my trip through Europe continued, so did my food tour. Next on my list was Prague, Budapest, and Paris.


 Initially I was confused and a little concern for what I was going to be eating in Prague, but was definitely surprised. While the currency was difficult to convert, everything in Prague was very cheap. The first night we ate americanized food where I got a piece of grilled 16708714_1397183723665453_8113734847438881811_nchicken. The next morning we went to the popular brunch place called the bake shop where I ran into everyone I knew. Since I could not decide what to get, naturally I got it all. My brunch consisted of a chocolate croissant, an omelet, and pumpkin soup.

Even though we had just eaten breakfast, we were eager to try the Trdelník. This was one of the most photographed food item from all of my friends who had visited the city. After resisting the smell of multiple treats, we finally gave in. It was worth every last calorie. While there are many different ways to order this dessert wish as with ice cream or Nutella, the dark chocolate which cinnamon sugar on the outside was definitely the way to go. While the photographs are making my mouth water, it does not do the real thing justice.

The next day continued by being a tourist and visiting the John Lennon wall, the clock tower, and the Charles bridge. We were very excited to try heart bagels. While it was not as good as the heart shaped pizza in Florence,  it still was good for a few pictures and  a great end to the trip.


For my 21st birthday, a few of my friends and I went to Budapest. Since I am a huge birthday person, everything this weekend was over the top. We began the trip with the most unbelievable  hummus I had ever tasted. Watching the pita being made was mesmerized as they stuck it in a wood burning oven and it slowly puffed to its warm potential.

Even though there is flowered shaped ice cream all over Europe, when we stumbled upon this shop we could not resist. Since I am a huge chocolate fan I decided to get both dark and light chocolate. Even though the picture does not look as good with two chocolates, ever last lick was delicious!

The rest of the day was spent seeing landmarks and going ice skating to work up an appetite. To start the big birthday weekend off, we went to a fancy dinner on a boat. It was one of the most beautiful sites I had ever seen and I got a big dessert with a sparkler in it!

The next morning we had trouble getting into a brunch place but randomly stumbled upon a delicious place. Deciding to go all out for the weekend because of my birthday my friend and I decided to order eggs, pancakes, and off the kids menu chicken fingers. Not sure if I was turning 21 or 5?

16807038_1408389099211582_8297757988053762443_nThe celebrates definitely continued all weekend where we went to a cake shop which had cookies in a drawer, matzo ball soup, and oing to Nobu where I again got a very nice cake. Overall it was a great birthday weekend. 16864336_1408390129211479_2540774235983057608_n



Continuing the celebrating, my mom came to visit and we went to Paris. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the effie tower so it was a must see while in Europe. I was not brave enough to try snails while in Paris, but the food was still delicious. If it was not clear by my absurd eating habits before, my two main food groups are chicken and chocolate. The first day we arrived we went on a chocolate tour around the city. During this tour we went to all the popular spots in which we tried all typed of chocolate which is heaven if you ask me. After a huge stomach ache my meals were very plain until dessert where I had a delicious chocolate ice cream bar from the hotel.

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The main highlight in my food the next day was dinner where my mom got an avocado salad and we shared a plate of eggplant. It was delicious.


16997697_1414410258609466_231178900620396341_nThe best part of the weekend had to be at Angelina’s where I had the most delicious brunch. I had a sampler menu where I got orange juice, multiple croissant, eggs, and the highlight of the weekend hot chocolate. This hot chocolate was not just any drink, it tasted like pure melted chocolate that was heavy in my mouth. I had never tasted anything so amazing and I will be dreaming about this chocolate goodness for the rest of my lives.  Clearly, to say I love chocolate would not even begin to explain my obsession, so Paris was the perfect place for me.



My mouth is watering as I write this and my roommates can hear my stomach grumbling. I cannot wait to continue eating my way through Europe. By the time I am done, I might have to be rolled out of here.