As the places I have visited has expanded, so had my stomach. While all of the food in Europe so far has been great, Florence and Rome took my taste buds to a new level.

Rome/ Florence: 

Since weekends are so limited, we decided to do both Rome and Florence in one weekend. We flew into Rome, spent Thursday night in the city and took a train Friday night to Florence. Even in the short period of time spent in Rome, I can safely say we ate pizza, pasta, and gelato three square meals a day.

A16729267_1396453963738429_6226956970939627874_ns soon as we got off the plane, we decided we needed to taste real Italian food. Sadly the kitchen in the restaurant we went to was closed, but luckily the wood burning oven was still on meaning they were still serving pizza. Since I do not like cheese, this pizza was heaven for me. The fluffy bread and warm sauce did just the trick as my first meal in Italy.
We woke up early to make sure we could see as many sites as possible. Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, so naturally we started off out day off with gelato. 16708693_1396454023738423_3765849802977294423_n
While I did not eat the ice cream in the picture, the plethora of chocolate flavors still make my taste buds water thinking about it. It was the most delicious gelato I had ever tasted and I would do anything for one more bite. Our day continued by seeing main sites such as the Trevi fountain where we stumbled into a random restaurant for lunch. Since we were indecisive for our first pasta choice,  my friend and I decided to share 16681835_1396454990404993_4156330779463314775_nspaghetti with marinara sauce and with oil and garlic. In an attempt to be healthier, we tried to add grilled chicken to the pasta, but to our dismay, this is not something that is done in Italy. Since the pasta is such a masterpiece, they will not add chicken or make many changes to the dish. With our tummies full we headed to the train in which we headed to Florence only to eat much much more.

We arrived at our hotel and after quickly changing, we headed to dinner. We arrived at Gobi 13 16730579_1396454167071742_3943585100744907071_n.jpgand ordered the recommended rigatoni which definitely lived up to all it was said to be.  I can still picture the melted cheese as I slowly savored each bite of that pasta. I had never felt so sad as when I saw the bottom of the bowl during this meal. That was not all for the night. After a successful night out and an unsuccessful attempt to find the secret bakery, we ended up in a random restaurant in which the chef let us make our own pizzas. Needless to say, we then made six pizzas for six people at 4:00 a.m.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 6.25.15 PM.pngNeeding a slight break from pizza and pasta, we still began the day with continued carb overloads. After standing in line at  All’antico Vinaio, we received  a delicious sandwich. The restaurant
was split into two lines, one of a sit down and one for take away. While waiting in line you could watch the waters carrying the freshly made break from side to side. After one small bite it was clear how fresh the sandwich was.

While we did not have the best weather during this visit, the rain gave us a good excuse to take a break inside for some gelato.  Since we were there for such a short period of time, we decided to go big or go home. Even though our pants were getting tighter by the minute, after having gelato we could not resist the sweet smell of the crapes that had traveled all down the street.  It was definitely worth the extra hour at the gym.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 6.35.52 PM.pngJust when I thought I could not eat anymre, we went to La Gustaria where I learned I love pear ravioli, or was just in a food coma. Thankfully, we did not find the secret bakery or any other restaurant this night.

Having only part of the day left before heading to the airport, we definitely made the most of our eating. Again we began the day as anyone should with a breakfast of champions, this time consisting of pizza. The picture says it all. This pizza will forever have my heart.

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After walking off about a quarter of what I ate for breakfast, we stopped at a market right next to the leather market where I got my last Italian pasta and gelato of the trip. While I would love to have just one more bite of pizza, I think my pants, my stomach, and my sanity are all very happy this was only a weekend trip.

While my stomach will never be the same, my social media during this weekend had never been more popular. From constant replies to my snapchat asking where the food was from to my hit instagram, the food photographed as good as it tasted.