While my taste buds do not go far past grilled chicken and chocolate, traveling all over Europe has allowed me to taste some of the best food in the world. hungry-history-of-knives-and-forks-istock_000014202802medium-e

So far, I have explored to six different cities throughout Europe and in each place, I have fell more and more in love with food. While it is not helping my diet, it definitely is bringing happiness to my stomach.


Since Amsterdam was my first trip, I did not know what to expect, but I was definitely happy. One of my friends had studied abroad in Amsterdam last summer so I had a list of must hit restaurants in my short weekend stay. The biggest thing I was surprised from was that kitchens in Amsterdam close at 10 p.m. After being in Barcelona for two weeks, we thought eating around that time would be normal but we were disappointed to find the only thing being served was apple pie, which was still delicious.


The next day we went to the recommended pancake bakery in which we were served more of a dessert than a breakfast. It was not as fluffy as an American pancake and seemed more like a crape. The pancake also had Amsterdam’s famous stroop waffles cooked in and was topped with powdered sugar, chocolate, and ice cream. It was a stomach ache waiting to happen, but I could not get enough of it.

Since we had such a heavy breakfast, for dinner we stuck to what we thought would be a lighter meal at the hummus bar. As a picky eater, hummus is one of my stable foods and it was one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten. While the warm pita bread also did not help my diet, our plates were licked clean from this meal.

While we were stuffed from the delicious day of food, it was hard to resist the sweet smell of freshly made churros on the street. Since we were only there for a short period of time, we decided we could not resist and waited in a 15 minute line to get freshly made churros covered with dark chocolate. Three of us shared this cone and it was gone faster than it took to make.

While we ate at a few other amazing places in Amsterdam, these were the highlights of my trip and it was definitely a great start to my abroad 15.


After realizing I had eaten my body weight in food the weekend before, I was excited to learn than Copenhagen offered healthier options. After waiting outside in the cold for at least thirty minutes, we finally got a table at a “must go to” brunch spot, Mad and kaffe. They have us papers to fill out what we wanted and gave us an option of three or five items. Of course being indecisive, we opted for the five option. Since I am picky, I usually have to alter the item on the menu in some way and was pleasantly surprised to find how easily they could change their items. I ordered two bowls scrambled eggs, a croissant, chocolate with oatmeal, and ratatouille. I was extremely happy with my entire meal and would highly recommend everyone visiting Copenhagen to go.

While we had the time to kill to wait in line for this brunch, we were not so lucky the next day when the wait was two to three hours. The city of Copenhagen certainly does love their brunch.

I also was extremely surprised to have learned that there was late night food, unlike Barcelona. While Barcelona is a very late city, they do not have very many 24 hour restaurants to eat after a night out. Although it only made my jeans even tighter, after a night out we ventured to a delicious, Mc Donald’s type restaurant right next to the bar.


I loved everything about Copenhagen other than the prices. Not only did I have to convert the currency by dividing by approximately by seven, which was good mental math, it was much more expensive than I had expected. Overall, a very happy stomach, but not as happy of a wallet. As I unbutton my pants, I cannot wait for what else is in store for my stomach.