The web has completely revolutionized the way information is sought out. Through the use of the rapidly growing social media sites and the well established search engines such as Google and Yahoo, information is literally at our fingertips.


In today’s day and age, information is literally just a click away. Google has revolutionized the way in which we learn. A problem that once took people hours to search for, now takes mere seconds. This type of revolutionary technology must be given with a grain of salt.  In regards to traveling, Google has been a life savor. This coming weekend I am traveling to Budapest. Aside from the few key places my friends have told me about, I know almost nothing about Budapest. Google is the answer to all my problems. From history to must see attractions, everything is at my fingertips. Even when it is in regards to finding where to go, Google has the location with built in maps to direct me in the right way. I don’t know how I would have planned this trip without Google.


While Google is being used more for Budapest than any of my previous trips, Google’s vass amount of resources have been key factors in my endeavors. While my Spanish is not very good, I know a few key words. This is definitely not the case for Czech. While visiting Prague last weekend, I could not communicate the simplest terms of please and thank you. Although most of the people I interacted with spoke decent English, it would have made the trip much easier if I knew a few key words. Google and specifically Google translate became my best friend during this weekend. When we received a menu fully in Czech, I immediately reached for my phone, and Google saved the day like always.


While Google, especially in regards to traveling is an extremely useful tool, it also has major flaws. Instead of people having to be engulfed in the history and pay attention to fine details, people opt for the easiest route. Even though I am aware of this occurring, I am not immune to this type of action. I have found myself skipping over history because “I can simply Google it.” Instead of getting lost and discovering new places within a city, I quickly jump to Google and am on my way in the right direction. As seen in class, society is asking seemingly common sense questions and seems to be getting dumber.



Unknown.pngIn my opinion, the positives of Google completely outweigh the negatives.  The vass amount of information that can be obtained with one click is outstanding. Society needs to be more aware that while Google is a powerful tool, like all technology, it must not be abused.